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inorigo® the metagraph platform 

Mastering Complexity

With unique Metagraph capabilities, the platform masters complex information through data models that grow iteratively and produce scalable solutions, and long-term commitment.

With inorigo®, users throughout the business may engage in information ownership through powerful governance tools and user-friendly applications, and systems across the information landscape can interconnect seamlessly for data distribution and harmonization.

Low-code graphical builders are used to produce and facilitate the constituent solutions, which enables partners and trained business users to build and operationalize high-end solutions.

The metagraph database

Inorigo’s® metagraph database intertwines capabilities from object oriented-, graph- and relational databases in a way that allows for several dimensions and structures to be defined at the same time.

Rules and relationships may be organized and inherited through several layers of abstraction. Multi-relationships may be defined through hypernodes, and conditions for automating values or restrictions may be configured universally, or, for specific dimensions.

The metagraph database may hold information models designed for any system. It allows for redesigning the model structure without obstructing underlying data or solutions, so that it may be iterated and continuously evolved while in operation.

inorigo’s® metagraph handles several layers of abstraction and complex relationships


Governance tools that provide regular business users with intuitive interfaces for adding or editing meta data in simple spreadsheet or form editors can quickly be assembled through inorigo’s® Application Builder module.

It allows for defining a secondary layer of rules and conditions on top of the database, that simplifies, automates, and restrict the ways in which data may be edited through a specific governance solution.

This layered architecture enables multiple governance tools to be assembled, distributed, and tailored to meet the needs and rights of specific user groups. Users are protected from the complexity and technicalities of the data model, while the data quality is protected from human error. Rule configuration is transparent and evolvable.

From Metagraph model to Rule to Governance Interface


inorigo® finds a natural place servicing other systems in the landscape with definitions, IDs, or data that resides in the platform. Since other systems cannot manage the information structure in the Metagraph database, inorigo® provides powerful tools for building flattened datasets and exporting them via web services like REST APIs and Graph QL.

With inorigo’s® Knowledge Set Builder, denormalized structures may be built graphically, scheduled, and distributed in all standard formats. By integrating external data sources, inorigo® may also produce external solutions based on external data, and mappings that harmonize data from multiple systems.

inorigo® offers the unique blend of mastering information complexity through its metagraph capabilities, with providing users who lack development and database competence in building and facilitating sophisticated production ready solutions.

inorigo® supports all standard formats.