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Implementing Data Governance

The Solution

A sustainable solution was needed and inorigo® was engaged solve the challenge. inorigo® provided the solution to manage various data models concurrently, ensuring each of them adhered to a common governance policy and without inciting any disruptions.

The Project

An inorigo® partner was engaged to support in the implementation. Thanks to inorigo’s® capabilities and tools, phase 2 and phase 3 went smooth and were successful. 

Analysis &

Assess current data governance maturity.


Develop a data governance framework with inorigo®.

Integration &

Implement governance practices with inorigo®.

Monitoring & Improvement

Monitor governance effectiveness & make improvements.


A unified, well-structured database model was built to facilitate the orchestration of disparate governance components involving policies, roles and responsibilities. 

The model was anchored with stakeholders, across the company by help of model and data visualizations and the Model Explorer tool. 

Prototype Applications

A few sample governance applications were built by with the LO/NO code tools Application Builder and Knowledge Set Builder. These were tested and verified by future users and modified from the user input. 

Integration & Implementation

Since the database model and prototyped applications were already tested it meant little risk in moving from development to actual implementation, avoiding the  potential inconsistencies, and misalignments. 

Inorigo® enabled the ensuring of practices seamlessly integrated into daily operations, through its tools and metagraph model. Its platform capabilities were instrumental in enabling a transition to new governance practices, promoting an organization-wide culture of data integrity and compliance.

A Portal was created to easily navigate to the right application and to quickly find relevant data. 

Let’s start the

Let’s start the

Data Migration Project

Learn how inorigo® was used to help a industrial firm to solve the issue of managing and unite different data models.