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Data Migration Project 

The Solution

Previous attempts to migrate the systems had been unsuccessful due to the absence of adequate tools and the high risks and complexities involved. By using inorigo’s® tools and capabilities it was made possible to conform to a target model, test it throughly and map the different data sources.

The Project

One of inorigo’s® partners was engaged and a project was initiated and divided into the steps below. inorigo® was extensively used in phase 2 and phase 3. 

Requirement Analysis

Identifying data migration needs.


Map data from source to target models with inorigo®.

Migration Execution

Migrate data as per mapping with inorigo®. 

Testing & Validation

Ensure data accuracy post-migration.

Data Mapping

Thanks to inorigo’s metagraph capabilities and tools, a unified target model was designed with the Model Builder together with architects and the needs from the requirement phase. The Model was also populated with realistic data.

The model was anchored with stakeholders, across the company by help of model and data visualizations by help of the Model Explorer tool. 


The Data Source Editor was then used to map the different data sources to the target model. This way Data Inconsistencies were easily revealed ad could be fixed before the next phase. 

Migration Execution

Transfer Data
The output from the data mapping phase was a recipe for how to transfer data from each legacy source systems to the target one. 

The pre-defined mappings were exported to a readable format to all systems. 

The migration part went smooth and secure thanks to the predefined multidimensional mappings, mitigating the potential risks of inconsistencies and data integrity loss. 

Let’s start the

Let’s start the

Implementing Data Governance

Learn how inorigo® can be used to Create a robust framework that adheres to global governance policies within the health sector.