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We help organizations become digitally sustainable.

inorigo® today

Today +1.000 business-critical solutions are running on the inorigo® Metagraph platform in some of Europe’s most successful companies. The inorigo® Metagraph models are integrated with our Global Unique Identifier (GUID) to many of the well-known standard ERP, PLM, CRM, MDM, and BI systems.

inorigo®’s strategy is to leverage more foresight looking digital savvy business experts and consultants in their daily work to continuously improve and evolve organizations.

Our Mission


The inorigo® Metagraph platform, initiated in 2004 by CTO Stefan Dageson and industry experts in Enterprise Architecture and Information Management, was developed to support the design and management of complex organizational information models. The reason was they could not find any tool in the market to meet their requirements. The initial versions were built in collaboration with three forward-looking customer organizations:

SonyEricsson used the Product model for their PLM implementation program.

Stockholm Stad (The Municipality of Stockholm) utilized the Organization model for their new people catalogue.

Region Skåne (a regional health care provider in south Sweden) Created and tested a model to fulfill the information needs of clinicians in any type of treatment.

In 2008, the inorigo® Model Builder module was released, followed by a low-code Application Builder module in 2011, designed for non-technical users to build solutions on top of the database. Since then, new features have been continuously added to facilitate integration with other systems and to analyze and govern business meta-data for continuous business improvement.

In 2022, the 3rd generation inorigo® Metagraph platform was launched, featuring a major upgrade to a modularized architecture and a completely new UX/UI experience for customers.