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inorigo® is the cutting-edge Metagraph software platform, for the modeling, visualization, and governance of complex business and industry logics and data.

Who is inorigo® for?

inorigo® is for those helping organizations to excel in digital transformation initiatives like moving into Industry 4.0, product- & service end-to-end, data migration, and data Governance.

The inorigo modeling tools allow you to build a sophisticated Metagraph model to reflect reality without compromise. It can then be extended to integrate and harmonize various IT System models and data into a single, unified framework for a digital ecosystem.

With the help of inorigo’s® no-code/low-code visual tools, you can design and implement sophisticated solutions that span multiple domains to support the entire value chain from start to finish.

How inorigo® Facilitates Complex Business Transformation projects

Read about how inorigo® can act as a powerful facilitator in navigating the labyrinth of complex business transformation projects. Its capabilities enable non-technical individuals to create, validate and deploy data and information models through inorigo’s® intuitive interface.

Read more about breaking traditional barriers in data management and governance by help of inorigo® in the illustrative use cases below.

Helping a manufacturer to manage and unite different data models without causing disruption.

Creating a robust framework that adheres to a universal governance policy for a global industry.

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